Matthew O’Donoghue

I’m Matthew and I’ve been the owner-operator of Southern Heating Fuels Ltd. (SHF) since 1989. I founded a second company, Southern Biofuels Ltd. in 2013 and enjoy working to find solutions that really make a difference to my customers. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and sailing whenever I get the chance, with my lovely wife Lisa.

Lisa O’Donoghue

Hi, I am Lisa, I am married to Matthew. Our passions for sailing and sustainability have brought us together. I am the director of Southern Biofuels. I mainly work behind the scenes to create sustainable solutions for our customers.

I enjoy painting, sailing of course, and I am a very proud grandmother.

Gerard Clark

Hello, I’m Gerard and I’m the Managing Director of Southern Heating Fuels and the General Manager of Southern Biofuels. Previous to these roles, I spent 21 years in the driver licensing sector with 17 years as Manager/ General Manager of NZ Driving Licensing Limited. I’m a bit of an all rounder so you might see me out driving one of our trucks & making deliveries. Spending quality time with my family and the grandchildren is a high priority for me and gardening, especially tending to my roses, is a passion of mine. If I’m done for the day, I might indulge in a Speights or two.

Jen Clark

I’m Jen and I’m currently the Sales Representative and Account Manager for both Southern Heating Fuels and Southern Biofuels.  I previously worked in the construction sector for just over ten years. When I’m not working I love taking walks with my Samoyed and my Labrador as well as spending time with my family. Traveling is something I particularly enjoy and went on my OE in 2019. I’m very partial to a good Riesling.


Sandee Oelofse

I’m Sandee and I’m the accounts and office administrator for both Southern Biofuels Limited and Southern Heating Fuels. I am originally from South Africa and immigrated to NZ in 2015 with my family. I’m usually the first person that you’ll talk to when you call so you’ll recognise me by my accent. Even though I’m from the land of the Springboks, I’m a proud supporter of the All Blacks! In my spare time I enjoy gardening and baking.