Commercial Fuel Types


This fuel product is used in closed domestic, commercial and industrial heating systems, as well as diesel vehicles and machinery.


Hitherm is a kerosene diesel blend, for use in flued vaporising pot burners and portable workshop heaters. The kerosene content lowers the flashpoint of the fuel and creates a cleaner burn.


Kerosene is also known as lamp oil, or paraffin and is a liquid fuel derived from crude oil. It is commonly used in portable space heaters and also used in cleaning engine parts.

B20 Biotherm

B20 Biotherm creates cleaner burning, has lower co2 emissions. B20 is a biofuel blend with 20% processed recycled cooking oil from renewable resources and 80% Kerosene. Our product’s lower carbon footprint is due to lower energy processing.

91 Petrol

Unleaded 91 Petrol is for use in vehicles and engines specifically designed to run on fuel with a Research Octane number of up to 91.

The team at SHF has really gone above and beyond for my family.

My elderly father was a customer of theirs for many years but as he got into his later years he often misjudged the amount of diesel he required for his heating needs, resulting in him suddenly running out on more than one occasion.

SHF would drop everything to deliver his fuel to make sure he was ok, including sorting deliveries after work hours and just before long holiday weekends. Nothing was ever a problem for the team there and they always just sorted any problems he had.

Since my father has passed away I have continued to use SHF but on a less frequent basis and they have been incredibly flexible in accommodating changing needs and working out solutions that best fit for me.

I recommend them highly. Their customer service was, and is still, amazing.


SHF has been providing me with fuel to heat my home since 2008.

The process is so easy for me and I don’t have to be home when they deliver. They are also very, very tidy - there’s no spillage and I have never run out of fuel.

I have a monitor inside which shows my fuel level and when I’m on half-full, I call them to refill it. The truck arrives, parks on the road and then the service person runs a hose down the side of my house to the tank which then gets refilled.

The previous owners of the house gave me SHF’s information because they were happy with the service. I’m putting the house on the market soon and I’ll also be recommending SHF to the new owners.

I have no idea how many other fuel places operate like this, but I’m very, very happy with the service. I thoroughly recommend them.


I began using SHF about a year ago and they really came through for my family when we needed them.

At the time, we had just purchased our home and weren’t sure about how much diesel the tank needed to heat the house. Before we could get it sorted, we ended up running out on a rainy, cold Sunday!

This quickly became a very serious situation as we have a young son at home who has significant health issues. It’s critical that he is kept warm at all times.

We rang a lot of other companies but they wouldn’t come out to help us. I called SHF and they came out that same day to refill our tank.

I let the driver know about our situation and he assured me that they would take care of everything. And they have. Our tank now gets filled on a regular basis and I never have to think about it. It gives me such peace of mind to know there’s one less thing I need to remember to do.

I can’t speak highly enough about SHF. They were really there for us when we needed them and we are so grateful.


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